Massive Burnout Update Coming

Criterion have announced over on their website that there is a massive FREE update coming on February 6th. There’s so much I’ll kindly bullet point them all for you:

+ In-Game Store – Allowing you to easily buy the new content packs.


+ Vehicle dynamics changed – Tweaking of handling for some cars.

+ New performance display – The way that the cars performances are displayed has been changed to make it more easy to compare cars.

+ Junkyard filter – Pick between cars, bikes, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and Boost Specials.

+ Stunt Run – Countdown timer to be slower, until you reach high multipliers.

+ Events Rebalanced – Speeds of rival cars and Burning Route times to be change to accommodate new car speeds.

+ Road Rage – Time will no longer be added when you hit target number of cars.

+ Visuals – Billboards, Smashes and Super Jumps now in new colours for added visibility.

+ Lighting – More vibrant visuals.

+ Restart – You can quit or fail an event and choose to restart it.

+ Barrel Rolls – Hit a split-ramp and barrel rolls now automatically right themselves.

The Party Pack will also be available on February 5th (with the PSN update), but will be a premium pack.

Now that it one huge update and kudos to the guys at Criterion. Just one thing though. Whether it’s just the cynic in me, but I don’t like the word ‘easy’ appearing so often. Burnout Paradise was never overly challenging and I hope that making things even easier doesn’t ruin it.