Battle Cars Ballsed Up

Three of our readers (and the number may well grow) have reported that the £7.99 download for Battle Cars is just the demo, with no way to activate the purchase to the main game yet. 

Update: Apparently this is Sony’s fault: “[they] botched the release and put up our demo package for full price and there was no upgrade option, so you’d buy the game, load in and be told you had to purchase it,” said the spokesperson.  “It’s been taken down and we’re trying to get a hold of them now to rectify the situation. It’s supposed to be a free download and then you purchase the game on the XMB or in-game.”


Update 2: We’ve spoken to Psyonix on this, you’ll need to hold tight – the issue is being dealt with and they’re waiting for word from SCEE… We’ll keep you informed, as ever.

Update 3: If you want a refund, we’ve been given this number for you to call: 08705 99 88 77.