Killzone Drops to 92%

Metacritic [link] is a review aggregator; it collects all the reviews from sites like ours and bundles them together to give an overall score for a game.  It’s a useful guide when looking to purchase a new title, and it’s always wise to read a few reviews before splashing your cash.  But that’s it – don’t use Metacritic for your own ridiculous fanboy reasons.

Why are we going on about this?  Well, although we won’t print any names, we’ve had a couple of emails over the last day or so asking us to give Killzone 2 a 10/10 score in our upcoming review, mainly to balance out Edge’s 7/10.  This, according to one reader of ours, could bring its meta score to 93 again, apparently KZ2 needs just a 96% from us to get back up to 93%.  We don’t care.  Sony might, but we don’t.


The emails go on, one even suggesting that a 10/10 score wouldn’t hurt the credibility of TSA and may well encourage other sites to score it highly too.  We’re struggling to see any logic behind this.  Is a 92% meta score really so much worse than a 93% one, or is there something else on the other console that’s getting better reviews?  The funny thing?  The TSA review is done and queued, and no, it’s not a 10.

Stick that in your grenade launcher and smoke it.