Retro KZ1 Maps For Killzone?

Seemingly just rumours yesterday, but the juicy bits appear to have been confirmed by Guerrilla overnight, so it’s now worth posting about: basically, Killzone 2 will get its fair share of downloadable content very soon, and whilst not all of it will be free, much of it will be, and will be available via the game’s in-game store.

The DLC will be in the form of maps and extra game modes and most interestingly, Guerrilla are hoping to get the multiplayer maps from Killzone 1 in and playable.  It’s certainly possible: when you try to select certain maps in Killzone 2 they flick past and are unselectable but it’s difficult to see what they are – if we’re treated to Beachhead we’ll be happy monkeys indeed.

Via GAF.