Trophies Coming To UT III

Unreal Tournament III’s a great game.  Nobody really plays it anymore, but it’s still pretty awesome and the PS3 version is right up there with the PC version in terms of user-generated mods and extra maps, all for free.  And now it’s Epic’s turn to give something back to the UT III players – the Titan Pack update due in a couple of weeks will bring the following exciting treats:
  • 16 environments – four Warfare, three vCTF, six Deathmatch, and three CTF maps – that are new to the PC and PS3 versions
  • Three bonus pack maps, CTF-Face, CTF-Searchlight and DM-Morbias 
  • The namesake Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15 foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall Behemoth 
  • Greed and Betrayal, two gametypes that breed new-found fervor throughout the competitive UT3 arena 
  • Two powerful weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery 
  • Two valuable deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station 
  • The Slow Field power-up, a portable version of the Slow Field deployable 
  • Stealthbender, a new vehicle that carries two spidermine trap deployables, one EMP mine, and one each of the new Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables 
  • Two new characters, Nova and Kana 
  • 57 awards attainable as Steam Achievements and PS3 Trophies 
  • Broad improvements for PC and PS3: Significant AI enhancements, especially in vehicle gametypes; networking performance upgrades; greatly improved menu flow and UI usability; better mod support 
  • Client-side demo recording, highly improved Server Browser, a new maplist system, plus mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality for PC 
  • High demand PS3 features including PS3 Trophy support, two-player split-screen support, and mod browsing

All sounds pretty good to us, especially the new maps, Trophy support and the two-player split-screen.  Thanks, Epic.