Music Coming To Home

If you’re the type that likes to switch your Home avatar to “running man” in front of the big TV screen in Home Square and then do nothing else for an hour, you’ll be happy to know that the Home team are planning ways to allow you to use your own music.    “We’re looking at just this,” says TedTheDog. “A means of allowing you to play your own music to just yourself within Home.”

Yes, it’s only to yourself, but at least that’ll mean  you won’t have to sit with the same 10 second looped advert as your dancing backdrop, it’ll be like an iPod party.  But if you’re expecting to ever be streaming your music to others in Home, you’ve got a long wait coming.  “We know music would be a very good thing,” TedTheDog continues, “[but] as you say, playing music to others is broadcasting and a licensing minefield and will take far longer if its [sic] at all possible.”


The much-promised picture uploading is still an issue too, apparently.  “Picture frames were more a moderation concern but I believe we’ll be better able to deal with this issue in the future once certain tools are available to the moderators. Therefore that policy can be reviewed then.”

Source: Tip, Hodgi92