Killzone 2 Home Space

In what appears to be an odd recent trend in videogame journalism, the ‘Interview Teaser’, Dutch website PSFocus have helpfully let us know that they’ve interviewed the guys at Guerrilla and will be giving us the full log at some point next week.  This isn’t uncommon, announcing things like this, without a specific date, keep the punters coming back each day to see if the story is live, and it’s usually pre-empted with a couple of choice quotes from the full thing to whet the appetite.

And this one is no different: whilst there’s no direct quotes, the site does say that Guerrilla are hard at work with creating DLC for Killzone 2 – not just the daily patches and the upcoming new levels we’ve hinted at before, but also full Home integration.  PSFocus say they’re going to add everything that Home supports, so that’s a Home Space, game launching and ridiculously priced items of clothing and daft little trinkets for your clubhouse, no doubt.  When the site gets the full interview up, we’ll let you know.


Tips: Hodgi92, LFC-FANATIC, CaptainMurdo