Ragdoll Kung Fu Dated

Anyone here remember The Raggy Dolls? I once knew a guy who looked exactly like Sad Sack, poor guy.

They were a standard in the cartoon lineup as I was growing up. Come to think of it they were pretty rubbish. All that stuff about ‘being friends’ and ‘helping one another’. They should have been kicking prejudice ass. If only they’d dabbled in the martial arts, now that would be cool.


Good job then that Media Molecule co-founder and creative director Mark Healey had the very same idea. Whilst working at Lionhead studios he put two and two together and created the cult hit which is now destined for the PlayStation Store. Despite leaving this particular version in the capable hands of Tarsier, Media Molecule have seen fit to express their love for their fellow developers and announce it’s forthcoming arrival on April the 9th along with a video.

See if you spot a certain familiar face….

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