PSN Poll Results

Last week we ran a monster poll to gauge some level of reception to the current European PSN Store.  The votes were open to anyone, registered or not, and on the whole we averaged about 450 votes per question, which we think is a large enough subset of the European PS3-owning public to make it all worthwhile.  And besides, pie charts are awesome.

How often do you switch on your PS3?

A simple question and one with predictable results, it appears most of you switch on your beloved black box more than once a day, with the remaining majority doing so just once a day.  Those that only switch it on once a fortnight, really?


How often do you check the PSN Store?

Again, naturally, most of our readers are incredibly savvy and only check when they know something is up that’s worth checking for, and in this case with the European Store now firmly cemented on a late Thursday afternoon time slot.

How often do you buy PSN Store PS3 games?

We thought we’d have a higher percentage on the ‘buy most’ category, but it appears we as a group only buy the occasional PSN game.  Whether this is down to pricing or a lack of a demo we’ll hopefully uncover later in the survey.

Would you download a PSN Store PS3 game demo?

Thankfully we got the answers we were expecting out of this one: if there’s a demo there’s a good chance most people will grab it.  The question was open enough for interpretation of whether we meant just for genres you were interested in, but the results are still relevant anyway.

Do you check online reviews before downloading PSN Store PS3 games?

Again, it shows our dedication to trying to bring you as many PSN reviews as we humanly can is worth it, as the vast majority of our readers would prefer to read a review of a PSN game before buying it. But if you walked into a new bar and bought a £3.50 pint, would you want a review of that before handing over the money?

Do you think PSN Store PS3 games are well priced?

Again, predicatable results – the split is as expected with the vast majority saying that some games are well priced, and some aren’t, with much less of you thinking that all games are well priced.

Do Trophies affect your decision to buy PSN Store PS3 games?

Frighteningly, a much higher precentage of you won’t touch PSN games if there’s no Trophies. Guys, they’re not real, and it means you’re missing out on some really nice PSN games from the last couple of years.

Which XBLA title would you most want to see on the PSN Store?

A split right across the board, with Portal coming out on top, followed by the wonderful Braid, but the percentages were fairly level.  What does this show us?  Well, a perception that XBLA has lots of quality games that we’d like to see on the PSN, for starters.

What is your perception of the current PS3 game content of the PSN Store?

A weighted question; we wouldn’t expect PS3 fans to suggest that their own Store has any intrinsic faults or leanings, but it does appear that most of you think the content on the Store is well positioned in terms of new and old games.

How much have you spent on PS3 games on the PSN Store?

Hugely surprising, with the vast majority of you having spent between £10 and £50, with the next group down having spent over £50. Encouraging figures, though, and the sheer number of you that appear to be remortaging their houses just to fund their Store habits: wow.

What do you think the average price of a PSN Store PS3 game should be?

£2-£5 seems to be the sweet spot, with the next block down prepared to pay up to £8 for their PSN Store games. We’re glad the percentage of people thinking the games could retail for less than £2 was so small, as that figure simply isn’t reasonable.

How often do you buy additional DLC from the PSN Store?

Again, a question we assumed we’d know the answer to without running it, but it’s good to see that most of you only buy the content you really want. We’re never going to get figures from publishers on how many cars, tracks and costumes are sold, but it’s worth re-iterating the fact to the men behind the DLC that just throwing stuff on there won’t wash. And DLC that’s already on the disk as unlocks… Pah.

Are you happy with the European PSN Store?

Good, most of you agree with us that the European PSN Store still needs work to bring it up to scratch with the American and Japanese Stores. Whilst the biggest chunk is a “not really” we’re sure this chunk is a much smaller slice than it would have been if we’d asked this 12 months ago.

Do you wish SCEE would let you know Store content in advance?

And finally, it appears 75% of you would rather we were told what was coming in the weekly stores ahead of schedule. We do try our best with the Thursday updates, gathering information from everyone we can speak to that’s prepared to tell us when their stuff is launching, but it’s not always feasable. Instead, SCEE like to run the guessing game with us all day, but it’s clear you’d rather this wasn’t the case.

And that’s that. We’ll get this off to SCEE and if we hear back, we’ll let you know. Thanks again to everyone that took part in the poll.