FFXIII Battle System Detailed

The most important part of what you are about to read is as follows:

OPM has issued a statement as to why there is a page missing from the FFXIII preview. “We’re really sorry, but due to an issue with an advert that had been printed on the other side we had to remove the last page of the Final Fantasy XIII feature.”


Okay so maybe it wasn’t the most important thing, but still. To all of you subscribers out there, like myself, wondering where that missing page went, now you know. I do ask however, how do you plan on getting that page to me? You do plan on giving me the end of that article don’t you? You better.

Anyway, in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK – on sale April 14th – has several huge articles, one of them being on their thoughts on the new battle system for Final Fantasy XIII. It seems that in similar fashion to FFXII “the battles take place in real time (with characters operating on a timer), but you can now input three commands at once.”

“Let’s say you choose to attack with one of Lightning’s techniques: four different move options appear, alongside the attack points required to use each (One for Fight, Fire and Lift; three for Fira).” says OPM. Attack points correspond to a timer bar that is made up of three segments, corresponding three attack points. This will allow you to either chain up attacks of deal a single, more powerful blow. The new command of lift launches does into the air, often leading to “spectucular deaths” which they say is clearly inspired by the “beautifully, choerographed, gravity defying battles in FFVII: Advent Children movie.”

I’d love to continue reading, however I’m missing a page and I’m still waiting.


Update: Well it seems we all will get a chance to read the not-so-mysterious missing page. A post on the OPM Facebook Group have stated the following:

We don’t want you to miss out on the info contained within the lost page, which includes details of the game’s European release direct from producer Yoshinori Kitase. As a result all subscribers will shortly receive an email containing a PDF of the final page. In addition, the entire feature will be available free, online, later this month – more details of which will follow nearer the magazine’s on sale date of 14 April. After that date, those who’ve purchased the magazine and want the missing page will also be able to get it by emailing [email protected], subject line ‘FFXIII PDF request’.


Source: OPM for content, CVG for news on missing page, OPM Facebook Group for update on missing page.