Resident Evil 5 Versus Now Available

Whilst we brought you the first news that the downloadable content for Resident Evil 5 would contain new multiplayer content some time back (and then covered the resuling fallout) it appears Capcom are now ready to rollout the much anticipated (not really) Versus Mode for their latest survival horror game (not really).

Yes, I strongly disliked the game, but lots of people seemed to love it, and the promise of more Trophies means that the £3.99 entry fee is probably justified to most fans of the series.  The new modes are just like the Mercenaries mode but naturally multiplayer, which may or may not be enough for you.  The killer though is that the download is just under 2MB, suggesting the content was already either on the disk, or delivered via a recent patch.


Whichever, the new mode is available now for your PS3 on the Store.

Tip: Mick939