Update: Killzone 2 Intra-TSA Match

Update: Remember folks, this is tonight, 20:00 (GMT). There are still three spots available so get in quick if you haven’t already. 

Look for the match called ‘TSA Match’ using the password ‘boom’ and enjoy!



Here it is, finally! Our first TSA-point winning Killzone 2 Match; but before we begin there is some news.

The ever-so-wonderful member, xvLIAMvx (aka FRUITofDOOM) has been promoted. He is now an officer of the clan and will help to speed things along. The members and application for the clan is also being altered, with members that haven’t played in ages being removed and spaces left open for those more worthy. It will also no longer be a simple join; if you turn up to the boot camps and prove yourself in the eyes of the Fruit or myself, then welcome aboard.

So now onto the match. There are 30 spaces available, with spaces taken up on a first come first served basis. This match is NOT restricted to clan members, so this would be a good chance to make your case for a clan position as some future matches will possibly be clan only.

Okay so the important details.

Date: Monday 13th April
Time: 20:00 (GMT)

To announce your eagerness to participate simply say so in the comments below, remembering to add you PSN to the comment to avoid any confusion later. Details of the room name, etc, will be announced nearer the time.

Oh and did I mention that there are TSA points up for grabs? No? Well I am now. There are TSA points up for grabs, however I will not be disclosing the criteria for winning them. This will make sure that you try and work best for the team and not just for yourself.

That is all cadets, see you in hell.