PixelJunk 1-4 Announced

As we’ve said approximately one thousand times in the last 2 years (or thereabouts) we love PixelJunk stuff.  Each game is different but blessed with the same sense of confidence and visual flair and it now appears that the fourth in the series, affectionately dubbed 1-4 for the time being, will stay true to those qualities.  Regardless of Sony’s new found love for behind-login Facebook pages, the new one for PixelJunk has certainly got our taste buds watering even if it was meant as a bit of a joke.


If anyone remembers the leaked screenshot of PixelJunk 1-4 from a year or so back the tiny grabs on the Facebook page do seem to tie in nicely, although the focus is now on little men with shovels.  If you’re interested in seeing more then Dylan says that the more people that join the Facebook group the more screens he’ll upload.  The game was shown recently to press behind closed doors and under embargo, but there’ll be an official reveal this E3 – expect a subtle blend of Lemmings, Benefactor and Lost Vikings.