What Is PixelJunk Dusseldorf?

The PixelJunk guys are currently livestreaming their trip to the Tokyo Game Show, giving everyone a really nice glimpse into the upcoming expo. You can tune in here.

However, on route to the event, the livestream accidentally mentioned something called PixelJunk Dusseldorf.


Assuming this isn’t a trick, this is likely to be the next PixelJunk title, one that’s currently without any public details and is apparently codenamed “Project Amsterdam”.

PixelJunk’s latest title was the innovative and rather cool music tool 4am, available now on PlayStation Network for PS3.



  1. Hmmm… coffee shops and red lights…
    … it’ll probably be something to do with canals or tulips.. :/

    • TBH I feel like I’m tripping balls when I play most of PixelJunk’s titles….

  2. So, let’s see. Düsseldorf. So, it’s about a game where you go to fashion shows and then it turns into the most twisted (German) gas-mask-wearing interactive adult entertainment, all set to Kraftwerk’s latest album.

    Count me in! Hell… I’m probably in the credits.

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