PixelJunkies Asked What They’d Most Like To See On Vita

Q-Games, creators of the consistently excellent PixelJunk games on PSN, want to ask you a question. They’ve taken to Facebook to poll fans about which of their games we would most like to see on Vita.

The poll lists all of their games to date and at the time of writing, Shooter was just edging the lead from Eden. Racers, which I think is slightly unfairly regarded by many fans, is stuck at the back of the pack.


Of course, Monsters Deluxe, the PSP version of PixelJunk’s rather excellent tower defense game, is already available to play on your Vita. Hopefully this poll is an indication that more is coming from the Kyoto-based outfit.

Source: Q-Games on Facebook, thanks Carl



  1. Why don’t they just bundle them? I know I’m not the only one that thinks every Pixeljunk will look wonderful and maybe have some interesting features because of the Vita’s powers.

    Anyway, I’d take Monster’s over every game on Vita… its so fun and charm…. hellishly difficult.

  2. I’d vote for PJ Monsters, if the poll weren’t on Facebook. PJ Shooter (the first part) comes a close second, but Monsters is still my favourite one :)
    PJ Eden could’ve been a great, unique platformer, but the time limit (and collect crystals to get a few extra seconds) ruined it IMO.

  3. You’re welcome.

    I’d love the see a new entry in the series (A PixelJunk RPG would be really cool, but i guess that won’t happen), but if we have to choose from an existing game i go for Shooter.

  4. If the social networkers keep voting for Shooter i’ll be happy. The others didn’t really appeal to me, gameplay-wise, although they each have their own charm.

  5. If it weren’t for the fact that the poll is on Facebook, I’d vote monsters. I have deluxe, but the visuals suffer somewhat from the low render resolution and close zoom.

  6. I’d like to see Eden and Shooter on the Vita.

  7. Eden or shooter would suit me, to be fair I’d be happy with any of them, hopefully the vote will just bring about a decision as to which one is released first.

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