EA Space Arrives In Home

We like Home.  We didn’t used to, but now we do – the amount of content is steadily rising and the quality and interactivity of said new Spaces seems to be really working out.  Naturally some Spaces are more useful than others (the Resident Evil 5 area is particularly misguided) and whilst Sony’s own Xi is still the service’s main draw each day, EA has now entered the arena.

The EA Sports Complex is now live, albeit only in English.  The new Space actually consists of a couple of seperate sections, and although the Golf game isn’t working, the racing and the poker games are.   It’s still slightly baffling that you need to queue for a game, but if you’ve got some spare time you’ll be happy to know that both new items work really well.


Poker, in particular, is nicely produced and seems to be quite popular already, and if you can’t get in on a table (it’s Tournament style Poker) some little screens pop up so you can monitor how the game is going.  The new games, like the recent SingStar Trophies, unlock content in Home, so expect to win a few new t-shirts if you get some lucky hands.

There are also some free Star Trek costumes and a few new Premium t-shirts in the other shops.