Mr. T on your PS3

Greetings sucker.  The newswires are all a buzz with jibber jabber.  ZootFly are bringing Mr. T to the PS3 having secured a licence to the official Mr. T graphic novel.  They are to develop a series of games, so expect them to be PSN titles, “packed with the trademark over-the-top adrenaline-pumping action of Mr. T.”  The hyphenated phrases continue as ZootFly describe the game’s features.  Apparently we can look forward to “knuckle-whitening action-adventure, furious brawler combat, gravity-defying platforming, and environmental puzzles.”

For his first outing, Mr. T will take on the military might of everyone’s favourite videogame enemy.  Yes, he’s going to take the fight to the Nazi’s and their “gigantic machines”.  Combat will be joined in a range of environments encompassing “South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations.”


Perhaps more surprising than a Mr. T game based on a Mr. T graphic novel is the fact that it will also feature renowned game designer Will Wright. The creator of The Sims and Spore will face kidnapping by the Nazi’s and require Mr. T’s assistance to escape.  The Nazi’s didn’t kidnap him to help them develop a counter to America’s Army or an add-on for The Sims to brainwash young people the world over though.  In Mr. T’s universe it seems that Will Wright is a “top-notch American geneticist” and following his kidnapping the Nazi’s force him to work on a “diabolic plan”.  No word yet on a release date.

I pity the fool who cannot come up with more, and better, puns for this game than I can.

Via Joystiq