Pain Gets Sore Spots

Pain (I’m not saying PAIN) has rapidly become the Burnout Paradise of the PlayStation Network. No other PSN title has received as much DLC and has been supported for so long. So far we’ve had a gazillion downloadable characters (69p each), Amusement Park, Movie Lot, and even David “Berlin Wall” Hassehoff. On top of that we’ve also got free patches that added other new modes, layouts, features, and even online multiplayer (which the game engine was not designed to accommodate).

Some people view that as fantastic support, others call it a major milking exercise that Co-op dairies could learn a thing or two from.

Anyway, at the end of last week the developers announced their next batch of DLC on their blog – it will be a pack called “Sore Spots” and wll be out “in May”. And what will we get for our unannounced number of pounds? Piecing together the details from their blog, including their replies to comments (yes they actively engage with their community), Sore Spots will consist of:-

  • New Area: Morningwood (snigger) High School Gym
  • New Area: Area 69 (did you see what they did there? pfffft)
  • New Multiplayer mode: Pain-alympics – 9 new multiplayer minigames, including bull-riding and anvil ‘tossing’ (I’m ROFLing here)
  • Unlockable Sony character (not yet revealed, and no innuendo either)
  • More details to “leak” soon

So there we have it, yet more new content for an 18 month old game. Or 12 month old game for us.  I’ll be honest, I only bought the first new area, but seeing just how much new content has been added to the game since them, and how committed the developers are to developing and expanding their original vision, I think I’ll be picking this up as soon as it “launches”. Ha.


Thanks to Kevling for the story.