Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to Mars we go

Today is a great day indeed.  Later today you will be able to strap a jetpack to your back  and go on a rampage with your trusty sledgehammer.

Mars is going to play host to some top quality multiplayer mayhem.  Everyone will be running around like a future hi-tech Bob the builder who has downed far too many Stellas and caught his wife Wendy in bed with Spud the scarecrow.  People are going to get hurt, and buildings are going to be obliterated.  THQ’s Red Faction Guerrilla multiplayer demo is hitting PSN and Xbox LIVE today.

As mentioned before; this demo will contain 2 maps worth of metal and mortar for you to blow the crap out of.  It generously donates 9 weapons to your destructive cause, and grants you the use of 5 backpacks.  It will tease you with a 15 level progressive unlockable XP system, and with just one mode available; what better way to unleash your thunder than in Damage Control?

We are very excited about this game, and this demo is very welcome.  I shall be travelling first class to Mars as soon as the demo lands here on Earth later today.  There will be other TSA staff members around for you to massacre later this evening, so grab the demo, get online and “let’s get ready to crumble!”………..I should probably expect a thorough battering after that one.

When online look for PSN ID: FRUITofDOOM, and bring body bags!