THQ unveil Homefront

THQ has just unveiled Homefront, a new first-person shooter for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game is being developed by Kaos Studios, a division of THQ who developed Frontlines: Fuel of War – a title that sadly only made it to Xbox 360 and PC.

Homefront sees you on the frontline as a civilian resistance fighter looking to drive back the North Koreans after their occupation of the United States of America, and taking place 10 years after the economic collapse of the US.  The few details there are suggest a mixture of FPS storytelling and the same near future realism that Frontlines offered the tech hungry gamers.  Think Ghost Recon Advance War fighter mixed with vehicles and remote controlled drones that allowed you to dish out the damage whilst remaining hidden in cover.


Homefront is set to feature a suite of multiplayer options, and with Frontlines catering for 50 player online battles, Kaos Studios certainly know how to deliver an epic multiplayer experience.

I had the pleasure of playing Frontlines on the Xbox 360 a year back, and it was a real treat.  Kaos put up dedicated servers that seemed to cope with 50 player battles no problem.   The hi-tech hardware such as remote controlled drones and stealth helicopters made for some great gaming moments.  Looking down the sights of a sniper rifle, hearing a strange buzzing noise, turning around to see a remote controlled mini chopper hovering behind you, ready to launch its rockets and send you packing, is a good example of such a moment.

So I am very excited to see what tricks Kaos have up their sleeves this time, and will certainly be watching this one closely. Homefront is set to be unveiled at E3 2009.  As always we will bring you more news as it becomes available.