Homefront Ultimate Edition Revealed

The latest release schedule from THQ has announced the existence of a Homefront Ultimate Edition.

The publisher has listed the release of the Ultimate Edition before the end of this financial year – that’s any time before 31st March.

THQ have yet to confirm what exactly will make the Ultimate edition so ‘ultimate’, but it would be no surprise if the two map packs released for the title – ‘The Rock’ and ‘Fire Sale’ – make it into the final collection of additions.

Not much that THQ can do to make the campaign last longer than 4 hours, though…

Source: Eurogamer


  1. Fed up with all these re-releases, they do nothing but just add maps or whatever DLC was released. Devil May Cry 3’s was great, why can’t they get some exclusive content in these “special editions”

  2. Usually they release this kind of thing as a GotY edition. Obviously not the case here.

  3. GOTY edition, ultimate edition, complete edition, ultra edition, they all basically equate to “What the game should have been in the first place”

    • Well said ha

    • yes! yes! yes! what eldaveo said

    • spot on sir, you deserve a ultimate ultra medal for that.

  4. Still looking to pick this up, but have given myself a budget of £7. I’ll find it one day, I’m sure!

    • It’s £7 in my local Morrisons. Give them a try if you have one =)

  5. errr…. not to be rude. I had great fun on multiplayer and got the Platinum. The campaign was indeed short but I played Hard difficulty which took a wee bit longer than 4hrs lol
    But…. since the game is old and that last match before I got the Platinum, well the servers seem to be quiet recently. I might be wrong and the servers might start buzzing when folk actually buys Ultimate Edition. Again Homefront was a good game and the multiplayer was fun played over 400 matches or so lol

  6. Homefront Ultimate Edition? I’d settle for a Homefront Funtional Edition.

    • *Functional even. Oh sweet irony.

      • lol.. It was still funny even with the typo :P

  7. It was a shit game. How on earth they could make a game about killing communists boring I don’t know

  8. hold on, I thought games that were good did this? It’s full of flaws and problems. dear o dear

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