THQ Close Homefront Developers

THQ are closing New York studio Kaos, developers of Homefront. THQ say this is a “strategic realignment” and development duties on the Homefront franchise will pass to THQ Montreal.

It is thought that employees at Kaos may be offered the opportunity to relocate to Canada and studio management are holding meetings with the staff.

THQ have also confirmed they are closing the Digital Warrington studio in the UK with the loss of 46 jobs. The studio has recently completed ‘Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team’ which is due for release on XBLA and PSN next month.

Source: Develop


  1. *Sigh* What a shame. :(

  2. Quel dommage :/

    • That’d be ‘quelle’, pardon my French.

  3. I haven’t played Homefront but it’s always a shame when publishers shut down studios like this.

  4. I STILL need to play Homefront. It’s sitting on my pile of shame.

    • Play had (have?) it for €18.99 yesterday. I was tempted. I’m just not buying any games until I’ve put a significant hole in my back catalogue.

      *goes back to Red Faction: Guerrilla

    • I suggest you move to the bottom of your pile of shame, perhaps even casually drop it behind the fridge when no one is looking so it is conveniently ‘lost’

  5. These guys done frontlines fuel of war too, which was quite a promising online PC game but refused to fix major bugs for too long for whatever reason and treated their forum community like dirt.

    Not sure what ideas they had with both games but i think they touted both as premier FPS’s to compete with the halo’s and cod’s but fell well short of the mark.

  6. Well isn’t that sad… more studios killed by the publisher. Another reminder of the cruelty of life.

    • Another reminder that it’s cheaper to develop in Canada more like it.

  7. This is a shame, despite the odd crash here and there, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Homefront online. One of the few games I actually got the standard “reach top rank trophy” …single player was a disappointment though

  8. It’s a shame, really enjoyed/enjoying Homefront online. Wonder if this has killed any hopes of PS3 DLC.
    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Homefront returns on XBOX as Kaos signed a Microsoft partnership, maybe developers will end up at MS Game Studios.

  9. Shame, real shame:-(

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