New WipEout at E3?

Twitter is a wonderful thing, at least for most of us, and it has recently spurred on rumours of a new WipEout. This tweet, from ButtonMasherNZ, hints at a new WipEout called Ultimate Racing. What they aren’t sure about is whether it’s an entirely new game or exciting new DLC. We haven’t seen or heard anything official about a new WipEout for almost a year and, with E3 coming next month, now would be a prime time for an announcement even if it is just some DLC.

Could this be Cohort Studios mysterious game? They do have a few members from the original WipEout. 20 of you also thought E3 would reveal a new WipEout for the PSP and Alex and Peter agreed, strangely. One last thing to add to the speculation is our past rumour about another WipEout to be released around the 12th of June. What do you think? DLC, game or poppycock?