TSA Fixes: Killzone 2


With all the madness and wonder of E3, I completely forgot about TSA Fixes this week. Not to worry though, a day late is better than not at all right? In fact, don’t answer that. This week I focus on Killzone 2. The heavy-hitting FPS is one of the most gorgeous looking games to date and is a fantastic addition to any game collection.

1. You must be this tall, to ride this ride.


Despite all of your comrades being big, burly men, fit for battle any day of the week, your character always seems to be a tad on the short side. It wasn’t something I noticed at first, but the more I played the more I queried why my team mates towered over me? Am I just abnormally small for a futuristic soldier? Or am I supposed to have eyes in my chest?

2. One gun, one use.

Okay, I understand that the weapons are based on ‘realistic’ weaponry, but why can’t my rifle fire grenades as well? We’re part of a massive invading army, surely splashing out a little more on the weaponry wouldn’t be too much to ask? I mean Mr. Nukem had a gun that could shrink people, what’s a little extra firepower?

3. Three second death.

After emptying an entire clip on your enemy before they manage to put you down with a single shot, you wonder what is wrong with the world. Only to discover that you did actually kill them, it just took a while for them to realise. Well, if they’d have died when I actually shot them, then I’d still be alive!

4. Take cover!

Well I’d bloody love to! However, whilst taking cover I feel it appropriate to stick my head out to get shot at over small walls, rendering the entire point of cover useless.

5. Stop trying to tickle me!

There are some general rules in shooters; head shots are a one hit kill, grenades should be powerful enough to kill but not destroy an entire room, snipers are the cowards of the war zone, and campers should have to suffer the humiliation of being beaten to death by melee. This has always meant that melee attacks are usually a one hit (sometimes two hit) kill. So why is it that after three blows to the back of that guy’s head is he not only still standing, but had time to realise he’s being battered, turn round and cap me in the head?

What would you change about Killzone 2?