Transformers in Home

Transformers poster in the Home Square

First it was Watchmen. Then it was Star Trek. Now it’s Transformers 2. PlayStation Home is becoming a haven for film advertisements, and while that may at first sound like a bad thing, it brings about new content, such as free t-shirts and items for your avatar to wear or decourate their apartment with. It’s a two-way thing. You get free content to wear and show off, and the advertiser gets their logo spread quickly around a social network.


With Transformers 2 on the horizon, new content recently hit Home last week in what seems to be a much more extended period than previous movie promotions. The content seems to be handed out in a much more Xi-like manner, with players needing to complete a series of quick puzzles to obtain download codes for the PlayStation Store. To begin the first challenge, you simply head up to one ‘Transformers 2’-themed poster in the Home Square and hit X.

Once you understand what’s going on, you may notice a list of dates, which suggest when new puzzles will be released. They’re a little spaced apart, being the 9th, 12th, 17th and 22nd of June 2009. The Official EU PlayStation Forum is suggesting that these posters will also move about the public Home spaces too, so you’ll have to do a little hunting in between each puzzle. In addition, “if you miss a game, or join the quest late, you can find the clues to previous games in the Upper Level of Home Cinema”. Aww. That’s nice.

Source: Official EU PlayStation Forum