TSA Fixes: Flower

Now those of you that are familiar around these parts will know both my unfaltering love for this game, as stated in the review, and that we stand by the fact that a 10/10 score does not signify a perfect game, just a simply fantastic one. Flower is simply fantastic, but that doesn’t make it exempt from being the target of this week’s TSA Fixes.


1. Bring your friends


With flOw, ThatGameCompany managed to seamlessly allow drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, to further improve on a great single player experience. Imagine a similar feature in Flower, having two bouts of wind soaring through the grass, enjoying the glorious sight of interweaving streams of petals, both in total paradise.

2. Efficient lawnmowers

The grass in Flower is just stunning, both in appearance and quantity. Gliding through it has been one of my all time gaming highlights, but as lovely as it is, it’s all a little bit samey. Picture skimming across finely cut grass, or pushing through grass typically indigenous to Velocaraptors. Mixing up the lengths and thickness of the vegetation would just add further charm and elegance to the experience, perhaps even some hedges and shrubs wouldn’t go a miss.

3. Is it or isn’t it?

Personally, Flower falls into the ‘experience’ class rather than the ‘game’ class. You don’t play it so much as, well, experience it; yet the need to include the odd pointers and camera pans to show you what to do next, unnecessarily removed you from the immersion. Flower is a beautiful and moving title, no game mechanics required.

4. You do what now?

There is a thin line between genius and insanity, a line which must surely have been crossed several times over when pitching this idea. “So basically, you are the wind and you fly around. You also make music by collecting petals from flowers trying to ultimately pollinate the land…” at which point those listening to my explanation begin to give me strange looks and move slowly away.

5. Sir, may I have some more please?

My only real gripe with Flower is its length. Not that I felt it was too short for the price, just that greed is a powerful emotion and my emotions craved more. More beautiful scenes, more tear-jerking ballads, more emotional roller coasters.

As you could probably tell, it was hard to find many flaws in such an amazing game, but what would you change about Flower?