Flower Power: ThatGameCompany Bring Out The Nice Side Of Gamers

Excuse me I have something in my eye..

To celebrate the fifth birthday of Flower, which has recently landed on PS Vita and PlayStation 4, ThatGameCompany created a small competition in which everyone can win an exclusive Flower icon for the PSN. The competition question is simple, “Who would you plant a flower for?”

It’s a sad state of affairs but we are used to gamers on the internet being abrasive and rude, flinging abuse and death threats with gay abandon. With that in mind it is amazing that the thread on the official PlayStation Forums has become one of the biggest there has ever been, packed full of heartfelt comments, a selection of which I have posted below.

I’d plant a flower for my students. I’m a college English professor, and I’d like nothing more than seeing them all bloom into confident, talented writers and readers.” – TwinBees0813

“I’d plant a flower for that sad kid I saw sitting by himself at the park yesterday. The next time his head is hanging low, he’ll see something nice that’ll make him smile.” – Punkship

“To my unborn daughter Mellanie, the future that could have been.” – Tenchworks

“I would plant for my older brother, who was shot and killed. The last game we played was ‘Flower’.” – RonnieJnr1999

“I would plant a flower for all the women who think they aren’t beautiful.” – Wrathofthepast

“I would plant a flower for all of those who became lost and were found by someone who cared.” – ShadowFox7685

“I would plant a flower for my best friend and lover. We are still working through hard times, and we need all the light we can get.” – Zephira_Hiroku

“I’d plant a violet on my friends grave because its her birthday on the 7th of march and it will be 1 year on the 6th of march . She was 24 when she got hit by a drunk…I miss her so much…Brianna. these violets are for you.” – Krowshnich

If you wish to add your own flower then head over to the official PlayStation forum.

Source: PlayStation


  1. It’s amazing how poetic these comments are, yet ironically they are not gibberish like a post-modern stanza, but simply the heartfelt words of people. Going to look at the rest of them now.

  2. Very touching. Flower is always there if I want a few moments to relax or clear my head.

  3. I cannot believe it’s been 5 years! Feels like maybe 2?

  4. I guess I should give this game a go.

    • Play it on the big telly when you do, with the volume up :)

  5. I’ve loved this game from the day I bought it (on my birthday in 2010) and always go back and play whenever I’m feeling down or stressed. The art style and the music just has that way of making you smile and feel that much better about things. Brilliant game – can’t wait to play it on PS4 whenever I get around to picking one up.

  6. That left me all emotional :’-) Had to go and post my own after! Combine that with watching Pan’s Labyrinth last night and was almost in tears. :-p

  7. Just had a look over on the site. 293 pages already. I feel this shows how much of an emotional connection, rather than just pure enjoyment, can be felt from such a basic, yet perfectly crafted game.

  8. This is very fitting, Flower is wonderful and it’s really touching that so many have found it therapeutic when at their lowest ebb.

  9. Wonderful how a few heartfelt words can stop you dead in your tracks. Wow. *goes to look*

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