Flower Available To Canadian Vita Owners Now

Get ready to play Flower outside!

Here’s a shocking admission: I love thatgamecompany’s work. So, when I heard that Flower was coming to Vita, I was pretty excited. It was on the Vita at E3 this year, and was wonderful. I’m looking forward to this. So now I wish I was one of those lucky Canadian bleeders.

They’ve already got access to the Vita version of Flower if they search the store for it (or click here). And the cherry on top of this sugary frosted good news is that it’s Cross-Buy so if you’ve got the PS3 version, you can download this Vita version for no extra cost.

We’re guessing that it wasn’t publicised in the recent store update blog post because it’s not actually due until PS4 launch day this Friday. That would line up with the proposed UK release on November 29th – along with the Store update that launches the PlayStation 4.

Reports over on GAF suggest that it’s not quite running at native resolution but is running at a solid 30 frames per second and looks gorgeous. There’s no stick support – only tilt controls – so it might not be one for the bus but even so, Flower on Vita is very likely to be wonderful.


  1. So there’s still a couple weeks to go then until I can play Flower. Although if it’s cross buy (hopefully so in the EU as well), I’ll probably go for the PS3 version later on today. Yet to buy Journey too.

  2. Forgot there was going to be a Vita version too – awesome, can’t wait.

  3. Flower is utterly garbage on PS3, the sixaxis pad didn’t help to enjoy the game but will get vita version though

  4. Really wish ThatGameCompany had introduced Move support on the PS3, but bit late for that now. Great news if this is Cross Buy, another “free” game for my Vita. With this and PS+ the Vita is the cheapest console I’ve ever owned (even when including memory cards…)

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