Trophies Not Likely for MGS4

TSA reported that last week was supposed to be ‘Metal Gear Solid week’, with Kojima Productions announcing something new MGS-related every day throughout the week to celebrate one year after MGS4’s release. Many players of the game were hoping that it would finally be the revelation that the game would be receiving trophies, even over 50 weeks since the game was launched.

So what were the announcements?


Monday: Announcements every day.

Tuesday: Metal Gear Solid 4 ‘Greatest Hits’ edition has shipped to stores worldwide. That’s like the ‘Platinum’ version of a game for us, when a popular game is made cheap.

Wednesday: TheSixthAxis covered this one, which was the new Metal Gear Online packs.

Thursday: Metal Gear Solid (1) is coming to the PlayStation Network. Didn’t we already know that? Apparently not.

Friday: Everybody was waiting for that one announcement. Konami had kept everyone waiting. This was it. “The Metal Gear Online 2009 Tournament”. Oh.

The internet sank back down. That’s it then. If Konami were going to announce anything big for MGS4, that was their moment. So after a year, E3 2009 and the Metal Gear Solid week, no trophies have been announced or confirmed for MGS4. If you’re still getting your hopes up, then don’t. With the Metal Gear team working on two new Metal Gear games, it would seem that a trophy patch for the last in the main saga is now out of the picture.

Many ‘fans’ of the game have been demanding trophies since its launch. It’s very difficult to define a fan of the series, as most people, even the fans, don’t truly understand the full story-line of the series. Even if you do, you probably don’t, and if you don’t, you probably do. Just looking at the MGS4 database from the PlayStation Store is enough to confuse anyone. Could this be a statement from Kojima that he thinks that understanding the story is more important than getting a certain number of head-shots? Most likely. With extremely long cutscenes, the series is known for being story-intense rather than gameplay heavy, which is what has attracted so many, but also gathered so much abuse. Many people seemed to have coped with the lack of trophies in the previous three main games, but with PlayStation 3 trophies being the reason for many playing certain games now, do most of the top-end games need them to be worth a second play-through?

So after that ‘week’, or four days of announcements, how do you feel about the lack of trophies in Metal Gear Solid 4? If you bought it, and were waiting until the trophy patch came until you played it, now would be the time to put it in your PS3 and start watching cutscenes.

Source: Konami