TSA Fixes: Rag Doll Kung Fu

Another edition of our TSA Fixes – this week it’s the turn of Rag Doll Kung Fu, hopefully a title that everybody on the planet now owns due to a generous ‘free’ week of the game if you had access to the US Store. Naturally, we’re assuming there’ll be paid-for DLC to balance out this blip in generosity but until then the developers would do well to read through our list of things that current need fixing…


1. Anyone here?


Lets start with the easy and obvious shall we? Why would a game so focused around multiplayer launch without an online mode? Seriously, what were they thinking? This is probably one of the most enjoyable local multiplayer experiences on the PSN, but it is limited to that. The single player mode can keep you entertained for only so long, so unless you live with a bunch of gaming geeks, having no online will seriously restrict the amount of time you spend with this title.

2. I am a Rag Doll

Whilst I understand the need and use of rag doll physics in the game, a situation will often occur where you result in a tangled mess of arms and legs unable to effectively engage in battle until you’ve been hit out of said state.

3. Shaky Jake

Using the Sixaxis works quite well but it implementation feels odd with a few of the attacks. Shaking for the fireball works well be the firepunch works in the direction your facing rather than the motion of the controller, which just seems backwards. If I jolt left, I expect to go left.

4. Teach a man to fish…

Fish in a bowl is without a doubt the most fun mode within the game. Having to run around the map trying to hurl the aquarium-being into a giant bowl is rather satisfying, and definitely a lot of fun; yet some of the maps don’t support the mode, and some don’t seem to work very well. Why not have multiple fish in larger battles, use more than one bowl, mix it up somehow.

What would you change about Rag Doll Kung Fu?

Also, we’ll be running a poll for future Fixes soon, stay tuned.