TSA Fixes: Red Faction: Guerrilla

This rather unique title seems to be gathering a lot of attention around TSA recently, with the first edition of Rental Reviews gathering extremely high praise from myself and a good average score from our users, as well as news that THQ felt that whilst the launch went okay, it could have been better. Rather annoyingly, you, the ever-so-faithful TSA community decided that the attention will stay firmly fixated on this third-person shooter. I say annoyingly because I really struggled with this one. Nevertheless, this week Red Faction: Guerrilla goes under the microscope for TSA fixes.


1. I’ll beat you with my  wobbly hammer


For a game filled with such brilliant presentation and quality, why is the menu so boring, bland and clunky? Why include that poorly aliased animation of the silhouette smashing the hammer down across the screen. If I wanted to see a tacky animation I’d just google GIF; don’t bring it to my HD screen with lines that appear to have been drawn whilst on a train. It does not give a great initial impression of what turns out to be a fantastic title.

2. Shooting can be a tad sticky

Now, whether this was secretly done on purpose to lean your preference to the brutal sledgehammer I highly doubt, but the shooting can feel a little sticky in places. When shooting from the hip everything flows nicely and fire round after round works beautifully. Take a more accurate approach and everything goes a bit blurgh; and since when were we not allowed to shoot vertically. Now and again my vertically range would be limited for no apparent reason, meaning I’d have to leg it half a mile just to be able to take down that awfully persistent gunship.

3. It’s no Red Faction though is it?

When a game comes along and brings such a brilliant mechanic, it’s hard not to compare other games to it. The destructibility is simply brilliant and I know feel somewhat let down by any other game where I cannot drive a vehicle through a building and watch in collapse in my wake. There are a lot of games that claim to have destructible environments, which to be fair to most, they do in what we as gamers normally consider it to be; the walls can be shoot to pieces, cover can be blown, explosions damage terrain and all that jazz. It’s just not taking out the four corners of a building and watching it crumble into a heap.

4. Why the lack of choice?

Single player provides you with a Jet Pack. Ace. Multiplayer provides you with a variety of ‘Jet’ Packs. Why can I not charge through a wall, thrust out of a building or take the more stealthy approach in single player?

I really struggled with this one, but how would you improve Red Faction: Guerrilla?

As for next week: Midnight Club: LA, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift or Pure.