inFamous Requires Caffeine And A Home

Having just popped down to the shop to pick up a ‘No Half Measures’ Relentless for my caffeine boost, it seems the guys over at Sucker Punch need a huge amount of caffeine in their daily routine. SCEA’s Katie Reid has written on the US PlayStation Blog a bunch of facts about the title as well as some rather unusual ones.

Firstly, inFamous is currently holding the rather impressive milestone of reaching one million downloads on the PSN in the fastest time. This on top of being the fifth best-selling software title for May having only been available for 6 days (according to NPD figures) makes impressive reading for the Sucker Punch team.


But what did it take to make such a electrifying game? Well it seems; a lot of caffeine, a lot of submissions and a couple short of a dozen babies:

  • In addition to the kitchen espresso, the inFAMOUS team traveled to Starbucks approximately 18,200 times. Two groups of 10 people per day, five days a week.
  • There were 10 inFAMOUS babies born during development. One employee had two during that time.
  • It took over 70,000 separate art, code and media check-in submissions to make inFAMOUS.
  • The inFAMOUS team consumed 17,472 cans of diet Coke and 13,104 cans of diet Pepsi during development.
  • There were no less than 14 high rise buildings constructed within 3 blocks of Sucker Punch’s offices during the inFAMOUS development cycle.

But the real news was short but sweet, with the announcement of a new inFamous space to be launched within Home very soon. As always, expect more news on this one.

[Source: US PS Blog]