MAG: Betas Done Right?

Although we ultimately rather liked Fat Princess, the way Beta invites were handed out was something of a joke as far as we were concerned, with some of the sites offering the relatively rare invites likely offering Sony little more than free promotion, as opposed to valuable game feedback. Not everyone agreed, mind, but that’s just our opinion.



However, it appears that Sony have learnt from this ‘mistake’ (they probably didn’t get anything useful from the ‘testers’ apart from from publicity for the game and “nice graphics”) because Beta invites for MAG: Massive Action Game will be limited to ‘official’ Beta testers, at least in Europe.

“Sorry to pee on your proverbials all,” says Shijima, European Francise Producer for MAG and SOCOM, “but MAG is likely to be tested by the Beta Trial community only in Europe.  If plans change then you’ll be made aware of how you can register, but I just don’t want people getting their hopes up unnecessarily.”

Naturally we still assume that in America you’ll be able to get an invite with every packet of Cheerios or by watching an episode of Oprah.  If you’re a Beta member on the EU PlayStation forums, sound off and let us know if you’re planning to give the guys some valid feedback when you get your hands on MAG.

Via GoOnlineGames.