Trine: A Not So Trine-y Price

We have all had our eyes on Trine for a while now with Alex giving it his E3’s Biggest Joy award.  Then just last week we brought you the news that the PC version had been given a release date which led to wild speculation that we might see the PSN version at about the same time.  Now we are able to bring you even more Trine-based facts and speculation.

The facts are that Shacknews are reporting the US prices for the PC and PSN versions of the game.  There is some good and bad news for PS3 owners.  The bad news is that the US price for the PSN version is $20, the same as Watchmen: The End Is Nigh sold for and we all know how well that price went down with the community.  The good news is that it could be worse.  Much worse.  The PC version will sell for double, $40, though it is available for pre-order on Steam at a special price of $30.  The same reason that Watchmen gave is used to justify the high price; high production values and a sizeable development team.


Following the facts, here is your speculation.  Should that $20 price translate onto the UK Store at the same rate of exchange as Watchmen did we are looking at charge of £12.99 to sample Trine’s delights.  Though Watchmen was released way back at the start of March and there has been a little bump in the way PSN prices are translated since then which could see it costing a pound or two more.

No Online Co-op!

Hidden at the foot of Shacknews’ article is a little comment that certainly came as a surprise to your author as it is not something I had read before.  So apologies if you have.  If you are looking to take your knight out with your PSN pals’ thieves and mages to indulge in some fantasy platforming action you are out of luck.

Neither the PC or PSN versions will support online co-op play.  For that you will need to pick up the forthcoming XBLA version. According to one of Trine’s developers “it just wasn’t possible to do” in the initial PC and PSN editions of the game.  They have not ruled it out for a later DLC update though, saying that it may be added depending on sales performance and other factors.

Update: Over on FrozenByte’s forums one of their developers has posted, “The XBLA version and its features is just speculation at this point. I can say that in all honesty, as developers, we would love as many people as possible to be able to play our games and therefore I hope Trine will eventually find its way to XBLA too.”  Still no online co-op in either of the officially announced versions though.

Source: Shacknews [via Joystiq]