Battlefield 1943 Will Have PlayStation Demo

Unless someone chirps in with a better translation, we’re assuming Battlefield 1943, which has already been released on the Xbox’s Marketplace, will see a playable demo when it lands on the PlayStation Store. Playable demos aren’t a given for PlayStation Store titles (unlike on Xbox Live Arcade) so unless we’ve grossly misunderstood this Famitsu article, expect a demo of the first person shooter to launch alongside the full game to whet your appetite.

Fruit’s already on the case with a full playtest of the game which will hit TSA later today.  The demo (if it’s the same as the 360 version) will let you play for 30 minutes in total before you need to buy, although the tutorial will still be playable.

Update: EA have confirmed to us that there will be a PlayStation demo.  Story changed to ‘news’.