ModNation Racers Debut Trailer

When this was announced back at E3, the Towers erupted with an almighty cheer from the sheer excitement of this Mario-Kart-meets-LittleBigPlanet wonder. As a lover of both Sackboy and the little Italian plumber, I was wishing for a quality, hardcore yet casual, fun kart racer for the PS3. The addition of such an incredibly easy-to-use track creation, along with character and vehicle customisation, with the massive amount of community features involved this title is already setup to become a massive exclusive for Sony. Mario Kart Wii has sold insanely well, as have all previous versions of the racer. Will this be as successful for the PlayStation brand? If this debut trailer is anything to go by, I would say a big fat yes!

Gametrailers uploaded the exclusive trailer today so go and check it out.