ModNation Racers Coming to Vita

It’s not a port of the PS3 version, it’s not a port of the PSP version and it looks brilliant. It’s a brand new version of ModNation developed for the PlayStation Vita.

Thought the track editing in ModNation Racer PS3 was easy? Well, in this you simply draw a track on the screen; then there are many, many more touch controls to make mountains or canyons, bring the track up or down and edit everything about your track.


It looks really great too, from what we’ve seen – the touch controls genuinely add to the creation mode and to top it off, you’ll be able to access the millions of tracks already available on the PS3 version.



  1. I liked how touching the back raised the terrain, and touching the front lowered it. Is nice.

  2. That i s good use of the touch controls,it will make people be more creative

  3. This game looks good, I will be downloading the PSP game when my internet recovers from the PS3 downloads ;)

  4. Excellent

  5. Brilliant. Being able to access all the PS3 levels is an amazing feature.

  6. fantastic, i’m going to have a lot of fun with this on the train to work

  7. Looked really good when they showed it. PS3 community levels on it is great also.

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