ModNation Racers Devs Hiring For Track Designer

Super sleuth Supererogatory has dug up some interesting new info on ModNation Racers developers United Front, who had gone very quiet after the canning of their last game.

From their latest blog post, it looks like they’ve got two new games up their sleeves, for PS3 and Xbox 360, as part of a celebratory article about them winning a Canadian award for innovation.


One of those games sounds like a racing game, judging by this job advertisement.

The role’s for a track designer, and the applicant will be expected to ‘brainstorm new track designs with the design team’ as well as create said tracks based on ‘photo reference, concept art and design documents.’

ModNation Racers was a blast, on both PS3 and PSP, so we hope the guys come up with something nice.



  1. Hang on, so who’s making the Vita version?
    I assumed it was them…

    • Isn’t it Sony San Diego?

      • Now that you’ve mentioned, I do believe you are correct!
        Thanks, couldn’t remember for the life of me…

  2. Wonder who the puplisher is… It didn’t go so well for them when Activison cancelled their almost finished game.

  3. It’s a shame about True Crime, i enjoyed the first one although somehow never got around to playing the second one.

  4. Love and, love it…..

  5. Why don’t they just employ whoever designed the most downloaded track of all time off moderations? That would be great to see.

    • Because it mightn’t be a Modnation game.
      For all we know, they could be developing the next Forza or Gran Turismo. :P
      Doubtful, but hey, it could happen…

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