Latest Vita Trailer Is A Tour Of ModNation Racers

Play PS3 creations on the go.

The latest PS Vita trailer is in and taking us on a tour of the upcoming ModNation Racers title. The best bit of news is that content created on the PS3 can be played on the Vita.

I also really like the ‘draw mode’, too! I might just have to place a pre-order after all…

Source: YouTube


  1. Nice! Really simple controls

  2. I want the Vita. Right now, come on, chop chop! :)

  3. Needs! Now! Vita! Come!

  4. I love the touch mountains and valleys interface. Looks amazing for what I can only guess is pre-alpha or alpha footage.

  5. Wow, just wow…

  6. Absolutely brilliant :)

  7. Looking good, bonus is we can use our ps3 tracks too :)

  8. these guys are nuts give everyone the damn thing right now.

  9. Smart non-gimmicky use of the new feature? The world has to be ending.

  10. Jesus…

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