ModNation Racers Gets $2.99 Super Unlock

ModNation Racers, which featured in our recent Ten PS3 Exclusives article, is one of those evergreen titles that launched as a solid game and has continued to be supported by both the developers (with DLC) and the community (with tracks, Mods and karts).


In addition to a couple of new items of content, the US Blog has also announced that there’s going to be a Super-duper Mega Unlock (thing) for the game, which opens up every bit of locked content for the negligable sum of $2.99.   That’s all the stickers, Kart bodies, track props, clothing and career tracks.

“The Career Unlock All key will also work on future content,” says the article, “so that if you purchase any Track Themes such as Far East or the Track Themes still to come, the content in those add-ons will be unlocked for you as well.”

I still don’t know how I feel about stuff like this in traditional racers – giving lazy gamers the opportunity to start off with the fastest cars in Split Second, for example, put me off the game, but with titles like MNR it’s a different story and now the game’s been out for a while it’s a decent proposition.

We assume it’ll also be out on the European Store tomorrow.



  1. I’ve already unlocked most of the stuff, so I if I buy this then there’s nothing making me want to collect the last tokens. Cheap though, and I can see why some people having trouble getting the last stuff can find this to be jolly nice.

  2. I think the benefit of this for a game like Modnation Racers is how it can appeal to those who are more keen on the creation side of things than the single player, allowing them all the necessary tools at their disposal to create masterpieces at a negligible price.

    That said, I’m going to carry on playing 1 player.

  3. If I ever buy MNR again and have losted the save data then why not?

  4. I think it’s fair enough 8 months on, so that people can go out there and immediately be competitive (where it’s faster cars and stuff) online, or in this case, unlocking all the creative elements.

    When you get the unlock thing a week after release, that’s just taking the p, though. I mean, it’s just bonkers and devalues the point of actually playing the game and getting good.

    Slight double standard, but in the first instance, it’s coming to a game once player count has already dropped off, and it gives you a potentially necessary boost.

    • Never use them myself but if they are released a long time after the game then that’s OK.

  5. I agree that this is a bit of a cop out, especialy for the guys that played hard to unlock everything.
    But that’s just the point really, gaming is about fun! If people want to pay that little bit extra and unlock everything then I guess it makes them feel better.
    Plus, it’s just like the PS2 days where there would be loads of cheats in most games to unlock everything.

    That being said, I’m of the opinion that an unlock code shouldn’t be released until a long time has passed since the game release.

  6. I saw this cheap the other day and was tempted by it, what do people there still a good online community? And how are the loading times now? I heard they were a real drag…

    • I still can’t get passed the loading times.
      For such a great game the hanging about just waiting to play it is just too much of a drag

  7. Good for people that buy it for a fun racer and want to build there own peole/cars/tracks to race with

  8. Does it “unlock” shorter load times? Cause thats what I’m interested in…

  9. I think this is fine when considering MNR. You can’t really unlock a competitive edge as the cars are all the same, all it really does is open the creative aspects out to people, which will benefit the whole community.

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