Screen Capturing in Home Coming Soon?

We saw it back at 2007’s E3; the ability to take a photo within PlayStation Home, automatically saved to the HDD, and placed in a picture frame for your apartment. Then again, Phil Harrison showed us a lot of exciting options within Home, which only some have been developed and released over the course of two years.

Locust_Star, Home Manager in America recently replied to a request about screen capturing within Home:

[It’s] a simple feature that I know the devs are working on. My magic 8-ball says [it’s] coming sooner rather than later.

So could we expect this as early as this coming Thursday? Visible Home updates seem to occur fortnightly now, so the chances of this becoming a reality are increased somewhat as last week was just another maintenance update. Don’t forget, however, that this isn’t confirmed for the EU, and could be another feature that the Americans get that we don’t. SCEE still can’t get picture frames approved for the EU Home, as their lawyers think we’re just too naughty when given a blank canvas. Moderation would become a nightmare.

But it’s fine for the US Home. Copyright infringements and ‘naughty sausages’ aside, it seems America can be trusted with their image feature. So why we can currently share images through PSN messages to friends is a little confusing. Home apartments are only accessible by friends, so obviously when a two-dimensional image is represented in a third-dimension, the law gets ugly? Sony don’t seem to agree that anything user-generated is legally possible and like to take ages when it comes to giving power to the player, which is a little stab in the metaphorical crotch for their previous ‘Game 3.0’ outlook.

It’s very likely that EU Home won’t immediately get a virtual camera within Home, but at least it’s being worked on. You never know, we might be taking photos of men virtually dressing up as virtual women and uploading them to our virtual photo frames when we take them back to our virtual apartments for ‘tepid’ coffee this Thursday. Anyone for tea?

Sources: Official US PlayStation Forum via Official EU PlayStation Forum