Coral Sea Unlocked

After returning from a holiday I sat down last night looking forward to a whole evening’s gaming – but what to play? There was obviously only one choice: Battlefield 1943. From a brief play before departing to hotter shores I’d been looking forward to a return to Wake Island all week, I’m not sure why though, as I died – lots. It seemed that during my week sat by a pool the whole PS3 community had been honing their Battlefield skills and finding all the best places to hide and snipe me in the head.

Looking at my death count it didn’t come as much surprise that the community reached the fabled 43 million kills last night, and as is usual these days confirmation of the monumentous event came from Twitter. To get a feel for the new Coral Sea map which was unlocked once the PS3 community raced past that magical figure and its new Air Superiority game mode, head on over to our Hands On feature, or take a peek at the handily included trailer below.