80GB PS3 To Be Discontinued?

Japanese retailer 7-Eleven appear to have issued a notice stating that pre-orders for the Black, White and Silver 80 GB PS3s will stop this Sunday at 10am, giving “at the Manufacturer’s request” as the reason.  All in-store displays for the 80 GB models are also to come down, leaving just the 160 GB version of the machine in that particular retailer (and presumably the others).

This notice is apparently from retailer 7-Eleven (7-Eleven sells video games in Japan) and states that pre-orders for the Black, White and Silver 80GB PS3 will cease on Sunday, August 9 at 10am.  As some commenters on the original story have indicated, this is indeed worthy of some thought – is this further proof that a new model is on its way that’ll run alongside the existing 160 GB?

Source, via Kotaku.