Furious Gamers Get Their Way

After our article yesterday which showed that some users were experiencing additional load times whilst Double Fusion’s new in-game WipEout HD Fury adverts streamed, Sony has pulled the service. Late last night we reported that Double Fusion were introducing dynamic adverts into WipEout HD. With the company proudly proclaiming “The addition of dynamic ads into WipEout HD connects brands to the game’s growing fan-base across North America and Europe via the highest definition video ads available in-game,” says the press release.

“Double Fusion, the leading in- and around-game advertising and gaming audience network, will also offer standard definition video ad placements to supplement the HD-quality units.” The reality though was a little different with the new ad being reported to in some cases to double the time it took to get in to the action, and appeared up to five times in an hour, quite obtrusive for such a fast paced racer. A Sony spokesperson confirmed this morning that “the ad has been removed from WipEout HD and we are investigating the situation to ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect gameplay.”


It’s excellent to see Sony reacting so quickly to this matter rather than tainting the exceptional experience that is WipEout HD Fury.  We’re sure most wouldn’t really have much to complain about if the ads were unobtrusive and didn’t mean longer load times, so we hope Double Fusion and Sony can work together to provide shorter advertisements, especially if the venture will result in funds being available further DLC for everyone’s futuristic racing game. This whole process just goes to show if gamers complain loudly enough, problems do get sorted – are you listening DICE/EA?

To have a look what all the fuss was about take a look see at the vid.

Thanks, Tuffcub, via MCV.