Studio Liverpool Working On WipEout Again?

Looks like Sony’s Studio Liverpool might be working on WipEout again, going by a recent job ad for the division.  The position, for a Senior Designer, requires the individual to “work with a talented and experienced team on a high profile, futuristic racing franchise.”

It’ll also involve “designing key gameplay features, track layouts, community features, and gameplay balancing.”


If that’s not WipEout back on the cards, I don’t know what it is. In addition, music man Cold Storage was tweeting about doing tracks for a new game, Cold Storage has previously worked on the WipEout titles, especially back in the PlayStation days on the first game.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for the PlayStation 3…

Via GAF.



  1. Great news!

  2. Woohoo!! :D :D

  3. Whatever it is on I want it now!

    I am even going to apply to SL!

  4. Hooray! This may however be for the PSP, in which case, I don’t care to much, seeing as I don’t own one. PSP2 anyone?
    Either way, good to see another WipEout game on the cards, WipEout HD has been my favourite game this generation.

    • A PSP2 game may be a good call, Pure was the best launch game for the PSP and really showed off early what the PSP could do.

      • Wha? You’re suggesting WipEout as a mini-game to be played inside Phantasy Star Portable 2??

        What madness is this?!

      • Yeah I’m buying that soon… but wow just wow a Game in a game

  5. I’m hoping if it is a PSP title that as has already been suggested it is for the PSP2. WipEout Pure is good enough for the PSP, doesn’t need another rehash.

    • I hope its like Wipeout Fusion…..

      • Take that back!

      • Why?

      • Fusion had zone mode, that was pretty much the only thing I remember fondly about it. Other than that, it was in my opinion by far the worst wipeout game, it almost killed the series.

      • Was that the crap one on PS2 where they had characters?

    • Yeah, thats the one.

      Saying that the original had characters too.

      • This was a reply to a inferior race, hit the wrong reply button.

  6. test3

  7. Loved the wipeout series back on ps1. What a great idea that it could return!!

    • Do you not include Fusion, Pure, Pulse and WipEoutHD in the series.

      Actually saying that lets forget Fusion…

  8. Could be rollcage.

    • Rollcage was another fantastic game.

  9. As long as they change the whole airbreak thing for this. Honestly, i could never get the hang of it.

    • The airbrakes are what make the game, they are what give you control of it. Do zone mode just using airbrakes for a a while, don’t steer at all, that should help you.

  10. Yay! It’s been too long since the last WipEout.

    • Woah – is it really just over two years ago since WipEout HD was released?

      • Two years in games industry = Lifetime, in terms of graphic upgrades and software tech.

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