Wipeout: Cardboard Edition

What do you do when you love PlayStation classic ‘Wipeout’ but can’t afford a PS3? Well if you’re German and have lots of free time you recreate the Wipeout experience using some cardboard boxes, a radio controlled car and an old arcade cabinet.  Of course.

Malte Jehmlich had the idea to create a cardboard version of the game, helped by numerous friends who stand around the track cheering – and helping out with inevitable crashes. Check out the rather fantastic video below.


Source: RACER DEMO 0.1 – video game mashup from sputnic on Vimeo.



  1. Oh good god. That is superb! I want a go!!!

    • does it do 4 player? that would be even better


  3. cool, but i’m betting a ps3 would have been cheaper. :)
    but then how many people would be talking about this guy and his track if he was just playing wipeout on the ps3.

  4. Haha! That’s awesome! Great imagination.

  5. wicked!

  6. Yeah, but can he beat Zico?

    • Nobody can beat Zico…seriously, how can people do it? I know people with the Wipeout platinum…just plain crazy.

      • I beat Zico… just takes about 20 hours! I actually beat him by about 0.5 seconds in the end !

      • What ship did you use? :S I’m really impressed!

      • I beat Zico, and indeed have the platinum. I actually found Zico easier than completing campaign on elite. F**k me beating Chenghou Project on elite, and phantom was hard.
        On topic however, this vid was cool, though personally I’d prefer it to have decoration as such to make it more authentic.

      • I’ve also been stuck with the Elite Campaign Legend for a while. That last tournament is doing me in

      • Well fair balls to you man, getting that platinum…

  7. ha ha thats brilliant , Sony Liverpool should invite him over to their studios for a tour and some goodies . My neighbour works there i will have to try and show her this !

    • Definitely do this. It’s well worth a few freebies and oodles of respect. If anything happens, let us know. Heck, maybe TSA could do an exclusive on it!

    • Aw, wow. I’d love to work for them.

  8. Am I the only person that thinks that looks like crap to drive? I was expecting some fancy, painted, detailed version of a Wipeout track. Not a lame wooden piece of crap with a bit of griptape stuck to the floor.

  9. That’s pretty cool I want a go.

  10. I want one :/

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