The Orchestral flOw

At TheSixthAxis we’re big fans of thatgamecompany and their PSN titles flOw and Flower, it’s my belief that they are more than just simply games and are works of art.  From the subtle but involving gameplay, the fantastic graphics perfectly realising their worlds and of course the musical score which when combined with the sound effects help ensure that the spell is never broken.

Often I wish I lived in America, not just to escape the rain, stabbings, corrupt government and general drudgery of this crap island, but because they have amazing steakhouses, all you can eat like you’ve seen before, Twinkies and the general Have A nice Day cheerfulness that permeates amongst most people who live there. They also do plenty of cool stuff like hold an orchestral concert playing nothing but music from video games.


Austin Wintory, composer for flOw’s soundtrack had always wanted to see his electronic soundtrack adapted for a live performance and it was at the Golden State Pops Orchestra’s performance of ‘Videogame Soundtracks’ back in May that he got his chance, also at the event scores from Final Fantasy VII and God Of War amongst many others were reproduced. Below is footage from the concert that Wintory has himself mashed together with elements of gameplay, and I found the end result nothing short of stunning.

I don’t know one end of a guitar from a loop pedal, but it doesn’t stop me appreciating great music both outside and inside the world of video games. For example can you imagine Dead Space without its amazingly aural experience dragging you deeper in to the whole horrific experience. The music and effects in video games often go under the radar and are overlooked at just how important they are in the whole package that makes up a videogame, so seeing game soundtracks performed live is a great way to highlight the work that goes on in this area.

Let us know in the comments below your most memorable videogame soundtracks that you would like to see performed live.

Source: US Blog.