SCEA Updates Trophycards, Still Not Live

So SCEA have finally implemented the Trophycard system that we’ve had here in Europe for a good few months, meaning that US PSN account holders will be able to display little Trophy graphics in forums and anywhere else they feel the need to tell people how many Platinums they have.  Sadly, however, as far as we can see this isn’t a ‘live’ updating Trophycard, it’s still one that you’ll need to refresh manually on the website to reflect any changes in your Trophy count.  This, of course, in addition to manually syncing your Trophies with the PlayStation servers from your PS3 first.


Seriously, I don’t mean to moan but what the hell?  If I get an Achievement on my 360, it’s pinged immediately to the servers, it’s instantly available on the website and any Gamercards I might have whored around the web automatically burst into live updating without a moment’s hesitation.  We’ve had Trophies now (bless them) since firmware 2.40 and we’re staring 2.90 (or whatever) right in the face, but we’re still scrabbling over an archaic ritual everytime we want to display our silverware cabinet.  Lets hope that a forthcoming firmware sorts this nonsense out.