EA Sports Bigger Than Sky?

In a frankly bizarre statement at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today Peter Moore, President of EA Sports, has said that he believes his brand will become more important than Nike, Adidas, Sky Sports and Fox and to become the “world’s leading sports brand.” His presentation this morning appears to have been well received by those in attendance, but significant claims and predictions just seem completely wild. He discussed technology such as Dynamic DNA, which allows games to update the profiles of athletes involved to match the real world, and then seemed to go on from there.

Can we compete with Nike, Adidas, Sky Sports and Fox? Absolutely. Not only will we be the world’s leading sport entertainment brand, we’ll provide personal access to the emotion of sports. That really differentiates us.

We deliver that emotion, from the start of the game all the way through broadcast [quality] technology, crowd reaction, AI and more. Everything we do is built to deliver the emotion of sports. We believe no other sports brand can do that. ‘In the game’ is more than a tag line to our developers – it’s their mantra.

While I can’t argue with these points what these games don’t give fans access to is the actual sport itself. It may be all well and good being able to ‘experience’ the emotion of the sport, I see few sports fan ranking a video game brand above those broadcasters giving them access to the sports as they’re played.


He also said that since joining EA he’s had to essentially ‘reset’ the EA Sports brand, attempting to move away from purely iterative titles that were perceived as roster updates and look at new technologies and business models to save the brand from an eventual downfall if they’d stuck with things the way there were when he joined in 2007.I certainly can’t argue with the fact that since Moore’s appointment as president there has been a vast increase in the innovation of the titles on offer from EA Sports, but I’d hardly rate them as more significant than Sky Sports or Fox (or ESPN which strangely wasn’t bought up). Then again I’m not a huge sports fan, so maybe I’m completely wrong in this.

Source: MCV