GT 5 Confusion And Disappointment

A preface: we’re not entirely sure what’s actually going on here, translations like this are at best, dodgy, but if our interpretation is true then there’s going to be some disappointed petrol heads around these parts come the morning.  Anyway, news from Japan has surfaced over the last couple of hours that, and we stress this is going off translations, only 170 cars in Gran Turismo 5 will have interior modeling and damage.  The remaining 800 or so will be GT4 models.

Still reading?  Well, there’s only likely to be 20 courses, with variations making the figure up to 60 (although the text could say there are 60 courses known with 20 to come) but improved physics (including, apparently, perfect collisions and Prius behaviour) should go some way to making up for the shortfall in tarmac.  We’re assuming then that damage will be limited to race cars (and the NASCAR license) and that you won’t be able to race damageable vehicles against ones that aren’t.

But the coolest thing?  The press release (which we’re desperate for an English version of) mentions face tracking.  Yes, via the PlayStation Eye the game will move the cockpit camera, with the translation saying it’s possible to check the interior of the car in full 3D.  Interesting stuff.  If you fancy translating the stuff yourself and hopefully dispelling the particularly nasty section referring to the relatively few numbers of newly modeled cars, here‘s the link.